Your Work. Gaya's Passion.

  • We Create

    We create Reports, budgets, models, templates. We build websites and applications.

  • We Analyze

    We analyse customer needs, review and understand the whole process from customer value creation prospective.

  • We Deliver

    We deliver the final product. That is any accounting, web, application, tax, audit work

Our Forte

Gaya Inc. can help businesses of all sizes. These firms cut costs by up to 60 percent by supplementing in-house staff with highly trained onshore and offshore tax professionals.

  • Website & Apps

    Websites: Websites are the cornerstone of the information age. We design for four corners and ensure your website will look beautiful on any of today’s internet connected devices. E-Commerce: Impress your customers with a beautiful online store and secure shopping cart. Let us help guide you through the world of online shopping. App Development: Apps

  • Property Management

    Property Management Services Services include on-going communication, comprehensive marketing and advertising, timely rent collection, and comprehensive accounting.

  • Data Analytics

    At Gaya, Results Delivery ensures that our clients are able to develop the internal capabilities and culture to act on the insights they uncover by identifying the critical behaviors that allow data to be factored into decision making.

  • Accounting & Tax

    Taking into consideration the volatile dynamics of our global economic system, it has become a precondition for every business to consolidate their non-core finance and accounting services to ascertain a competitive edge. Today, CFOs and CPAs across the globe seek out solutions that can assist them in reducing the company’s operating costs, increasing profits and


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Meet the team

  • Likes

    Beth Gami Accounting & Property Mgmt

    Beth has 14 years of experience in accounting and property management services.

  • Says

    "I like ancient stuff"

    Daksha Moga Accounting & Tax Sr. Manager

    Daksha has 8 years of accounting, payroll, payroll tax, Sales tax and corporate tax experience.

  • Moto

    Live and let die

    Jitendra Vagdoda IOS Developer

    Web Designer & App Developer With over 5 years of experience, Jitendra is one of our senior website designer and application developer

Why people buy it?

Don't just take our word for it—Our clients will tell you about their experiences. At Gaya, we provide outsourced, virtual accounting and bookkeeping services for clients from a wide range of industries. See what they have to say below, and imagine what we can do for your company.

  • It took a huge leap of faith to choose Gaya Inc. As you can well imagine, it is pretty scary to send the details of one's financial life winging its way over the internet to people you will never meet. It had to be done, though. Despite the royal sum we paid to our accounting employees in wages and benefits, our bookkeeping was a colossal mess. It was highly inaccurate, our financial statements and other tasks were completed sporadically and there were piles of disorganized papers everywhere. Choosing Gaya was a great decision and we would do it again. In fact, I cannot imagine why any small business owner, who is not an accounting or bookkeeping specialist, would try to set-up and manage this vital function on their own. My goal is to run my business, not have it run me. Since working with Gaya, our bookkeeping and Controller processes are streamlined. The routine accounting tasks are managed on a predictable schedule and checklists are used to insure that all required documents are processed within the proper deadlines. We have improved the accuracy and timeliness of our financial statements and other crucial accounting functions... at a lower cost then what was being paid to employees. Phenomenal! The really grand thing about Gaya is that they provide a customer-centric service. This differs from the motivations of employees. I have been most impressed with the technical knowledge, the relentless effort to get everything done exactly right and just how personable everyone at Gaya are. They have had to leap a few buildings in a single bound for me and they have done it with grace. It is a pleasure to work with them and they have taken one big weight off my shoulders.

    Burt From Super Xpress
  • When we first started, we were a small company with very little expertise in payroll and basic accounting for our people scattered across multiple States. Over the years, as we grew, Gaya helped us sort out our books, provided support with our annual audits and managed our budgets more effectively.

    Ken From
  • At STS Refiners, we work hard to only spend time on the things we enjoy doing or that are core to the actual services we offer. We seek to delegate everything else to someone who will do a better job than we ever could. Gaya is the entity to do that job. Accounting is what they do. It is their business. We'd be foolish if we tried to do this ourselves.

    Shawn from STS Refiners